Workshop Description: Retail Shop Selling Skills Course with proven tools and techniques 

Format: 1 Day live Workshop. 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM held two successive days in a row to allow for multiple employees. Maximum class size 25 – 40 per day / Minimum of 10 per day 

Venue: TBD, Local area conference center, discussions to location and suitability

Investment:  TBD Participant fee includes Workshop materials, study guides and tools as well as continental breakfast, refreshments and catered lunch 

Skills/Knowledge: Beginner to Advanced; Shop Advisor, Manager and Technician Experience 

Participant Outcomes: 

By the end of this session, participants will be able to…

  • Know how to promote trust and credibility by paying attention to customers prime concerns and complete automotive needs
  • Effectively engage and prepare customers to present Additional Required Maintenance and Repair recommendations
  • Efficiently determine customers legitimate needs while maintaining mindfulness of time spent on the process
  • Preparing a Prioritized Presentation Worksheet© using verified and specific methodology to create more legitimate sales and better repairs
  • Use all of the advantages and benefits of Genuine Parts as a closing tool when making repair and maintenance recommendations


Name: John S Fairchild

Organization/Affiliation: President of Fairchild Automotive Solutions LLC

Phone: (770) 561-4644


Role and qualifications: 30 Year Veteran Retail Service Sales Training Expert

Participants: Beginner to Advance; Shop Advisor, Manager and Technician Experience 

We assume the audience…

  • Wants to increase their Service Sales Skills
  • Has committed to improving / defining and refining their Service Sales Process

Agenda and Activities: 

Welcome / Introductions (30 minutes) 

Instructor Introduction, Break and Lunch Schedule, Review “housekeeping” items, Name and Shop Name and location of participant, Position and tenure at Shop, Expectations of workshop

Workshop overview (30 minutes) 

Detailed explanation of workshop goals and objectives; Successful launch and sustained implementation of a genuine Up Sell Service Selling Process

Self Assessment and Action Planning (45 minutes to an hour) 

Self Assessment Hard, realistic look at current performance in key customer Retention & Sales Areas Drives Actionable Items for Action Plan…. 

Implementation Action Plan What Needs to be Done, Who Will Do It, When It will be Completed A Living Breathing Document

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