Your Trusted Partner in Recruiting Excellence

Discovering and retaining top-tier talent is crucial for the success of your dealership. At Fairchild Automotive Solutions, we bring a wealth of experience and a vast network of industry professionals to offer unparalleled recruiting services tailored to meet the unique needs of dealership owners.

With over four decades of expertise in Automotive Fixed Operations Management and Consulting, our founder, John Fairchild, boasts a network of automotive professionals that surpasses many of the top auto dealer recruiting firms. His extensive connections enable us to assist clients in discovering and retaining exceptional talent.

Expertise in Talent Matching

Leveraging our deep understanding of the auto industry to match the right talent with the right position, ensuring a perfect fit for both the dealership and the candidate.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Reducing the time and resources dealerships spend on recruitment by providing a streamlined, efficient service that handles the complexities of finding and vetting candidates.

Access to a Broad Network

Utilizing our extensive network of professionals within the auto industry to give clients access to a wider, more qualified pool of candidates than they might find on their own.

Improving Dealership Performance

Aiming to enhance overall dealership performance by bringing in highly skilled professionals who can drive sales, improve service quality, and increase customer satisfaction.

Long-Term Growth and Stability

Focusing on long-term matches that contribute to the stability and growth of the dealership, rather than just filling positions temporarily.

Industry Insight and Consultation

Providing more than just recruitment services by offering insights and consultation based on extensive industry experience. This adds value to the client’s strategic planning and operational efficiency.

Choose Fairchild Automotive Solutions for recruiting services that go beyond the conventional. Elevate your dealership with the right talent, and let us be your trusted partner on the journey to success.