s3 Service Sales Strategies© – Complete Retail Service Sales Training Program for Management, Advisors and Technicians

Accomplished through the use of a needs-based/condition-based selling system

Focuses on selling scheduled maintenance services at the time of write-up.

Emphasis on identifying and communicating additional service needs through diagnosis and Multi-Point Inspections (leveraging the Report Card).   

Provides processes and tools that strengthen the communication process between Service Advisors and Technicians, and between Service Advisors and customers.

Focuses on a practical application that achieves immediate results with no additional resources.

Presents a Retail Selling System that leverages the Multi-Point Inspection Report Card to:

  • Build trust with customers.
  • Sell customers more of the scheduled maintenance and light repairs they need.

Creates additional sales from current service traffic.

Provides Real time Goals Setting and Tracking  with The Service Sales Tracker SST Dashboard© to solidify success and identify pitfalls in process and personnel.    

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