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Motivating Millennials in The Service Department

September 20, 2020

“How do I motivate my younger ‘millennial’ staff, Service Advisors, Technicians and Porters when financial rewards are not seeming to get it?”

The question is very timely and pops up often, in fact, this very subject was a lengthy discussion point at a recent multi-dealer corporate retreat I attended. While discussing this topic some very basic points came up about what motivated individuals in general and then how do they fit with the younger generation.

Basically, there are three main motivators for behavior.

1. Financial: What gain will it bring me financially, AND am I interested in more money for the extra work?

2. Accomplishment: Am I inspired by accomplishment to achieve even greater outcomes?

3. Praise: Does my ego crave acknowledgment to keep me in peak performance?

What we found through an informal survey, is that a lot of younger workers are not so keyed into to JUST the financial rewards from increased performance. So then, what are some of the ways we can use recognition of accomplishment through praise and use praise on its own to keep people driving forward?

Simple ways of recognition are the key, it doesn’t have to be extravagant, just consistent. Here are a few ways to consider.

• Establish Goals, small and large for daily, weekly, monthly and beyond. Make certain to publish outcomes and load the acclaim for a job well done in conspicuous places.

• Information Board: post an information board in plain view of all employees but out of customers vision.

• Post results in company newsletters

• Bragg on results during group meetings

• Focus on rewards other than money…Time off is always very popular or a special lunch or small party to focus on achievement

Remain consistent and these simple things will actually bring you a lot of rewards with your younger staff that may not be so financially driven, I hope this helps!

“John, I want to THANK YOU, you have been a very valuable team member”

~ Multi Franchise Dealer Group Owner Read more testimonials

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